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The Company was originally incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 16.07.1991 as Hina-fil Pvt. Ltd. And by a special resolution passed on 5th March, 1994 the company was converted into a public limited company and the name of the company was changed to HINAFIL INDIA LIMITED and a fresh certificate of incorporation has been obtained on 25th April 1994 from the Registrars of Companies, Gujarat. The company was incorporated with the main object of manufacture of NYLON FILAMENT YARN, Rayon, Plastic, Cotton, Jute, Wool, Silk, Art Silk, Man made Synthetic Fibers, and Substitutes thereof. The company proposes to setup a plant to manufacture NYLON MONOFILAMENT YARN at Vapi GIDC, District Valsad, in the State of Gujarat.
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Nylon Monofilament yarn (NMOFY) is an extruded polymer product manufactured from Nylon-66. Monofilament can also be manufactured from other materials like HDPE, PP and Polyester. As compared to the monofilaments of PP and HDPE the Nylon and polyester Monofilaments are highly abrasion resistant and have higher tensile strength compared to the multifilament yarns. Bend recovery of monofilament is an important property when they are used in brush applications and is related to the resistance of the brush bristles. The bend recovery of Nylon monofilament is ranging between 90% - 92% and is superior to the other natural and synthetic resin monofilaments.
Monofilament is general and nylon monofilament is particular have a wide range of applications. Important applications includes following :
  a) Fishing nets, fishing ropes, fishing tugs.
b) Sport nets, gutting for sport rackets.
c) Industrial filter cloth
d) Tarpaulin cloth
e) Conveyer cloth
f) Bristles for shaving brush and tooth brush
g) Industrial brushes
h) Clothing stiffeners
i) Wigs
j) Surgical Sutures
k) Zip Fasteners
l) Sewing thread
m) Ropes and twins, etc.

In brush bristles and clothing stiffeners it is used because of its high flexural modulus. In fishing lines and sewing thread, monofilaments are used because of their flexibility and retention of tensile strength as well as transparency and moisture absorption. In brush tufting, nylon monofilaments are used because of their very good bend recovery.

In industrial brushes they are used because to their good fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance. In zip fasteners they are used because of their very law abrasion resistance & law coefficient of friction.
They are used for making strings for musical instruments because of their shock absorbing properties.
Nets made from nylon monofilaments are used for agricultural cultivation, packing of vegetable, ropes of pure nylon as well as combination ropes with other thermo plastic filaments, Nylon fine monofilaments can be used in woolen carpets for reinforcements and good abrasion resistance. The company proposes to manufacture NMOFY of about 0.16 mm Diameter(210D) in the first phase for catering to the application of Fishing Twines and Tooth Brush Bristles.